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The Basran Wealth Management Group Process

Achieving strong risk-adjusted returns is a small part of what we offer. Our proven process is designed to achieve a thorough understanding of your situation so that we can deliver a comprehensive service to meet your needs. When we meet with you, we strive to ask the right questions to uncover your values, ambitions, concerns, and dreams for your future.

From these in-depth conversations, we seek to align and coordinate your unique needs with all aspects of the wealth management process to create a customized financial plan. Given our extensive experience as a team working with complex situations, paired with our connections to key industry professionals, we can help you protect and grow your wealth during your lifetime and for generations to come.

1. Introduction

Before we introduce our wealth management services, we would like to speak with you about your overall financial situation. We want to gain a broad understanding of how we may be able to help, so we can further discuss topics that are useful to you.

2. Core objective discovery

Through in-depth discussion of your needs, goals and the reasons behind them, we will help you to determine the core of your wealth objectives. By understanding your individual needs and the circumstances surrounding them, we will be able to better craft solutions that fit your unique situation.

3. Central Wealth analysis

Once we have analyzed the information you provided in detail, we will shape a strategy that fits your timeline, financial expectations, personal goals and wealth capacity. This will be a guideline designed to fit your unique lifestyle needs.

4. Connect your wealth

According to the wealth strategy we have created, we will design bespoke solutions to actualize the individual objectives. We will coordinate a vast resource of internal experts, world-class financial products and any of your existing financial professionals to implement these solutions.

5. On-going care

We are committed to long-term relationships with our clients. We will update you on your financial progress on a regular basis and make adjustments to your investment strategy as your goals and objectives evolve. 

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